8 Festive Pool Party Themes For The Holidays 

Do you spend the holidays in a place where a white Christmas is rare, if ever? 

If you’re planning a holiday party, you should take advantage of the beautiful weather by hosting a festive pool party. This is the ideal way to spend the holidays. 

Do you want to know how to throw a winter pool party that everyone will remember? Continue reading to learn about eight different pool party themes that your guests are sure to enjoy. 

1. Luau Celebration 

If you live in a typically warm climate, you are probably not a big fan of snow. To celebrate the fact that you now live in the climate of your dreams, you can throw a holiday party themed after Hawaii and the beach. You can entertain guests with mouthwatering BBQ and fruity cocktails while lighting tiki torches. 

To maximize the possibilities for group photos at your holiday luau, give each visitor a Santa hat or other holiday-themed accessory. This is an excellent way to spread holiday cheer. You could even play The Beach Boys’ Christmas Album to get people in the holiday spirit. 

2. A party for people dressed in repulsive Christmas bathing suits

We’ve all been too ugly Christmas sweater parties, and now it’s time to start thinking about ugly Christmas bathing suits. Who says you can’t participate in this ridiculous holiday tradition because the weather in your area is too hot? 

Making your party a contest will encourage all of your guests to dress up in the most outrageous outfits they can find. Even if it’s too hot to wear sweaters and too cold to swim, you can still hang out by the pool in unattractive t-shirts if you want. Setting up a t-shirt decorating station at your party and holding a contest to see who can make the most offensive Christmas t-shirt is another excellent idea for your get-together. 

3. A Winter Party 

Even if it doesn’t snow where you live, you can create the illusion of winter by throwing an all-white pool party. This creates the illusion that it is cold outside, even if it is not. White furniture, white towels, white lights, and other white accessories can be used to brighten up the space. Make sure your pool party has some snowmansnowmen and snowflake floats so that everyone has the best time possible. 

4. A Festive Picnic Get-Together 

Even though there are numerous great ideas for pool party themes to consider, a picnic is a simple and endearing option. Picnics are so popular during the holiday season because they serve to focus everyone’s attention back on why we celebrate these special days. Rather than planning an elaborate celebration, you could focus on strengthening bonds with the people you care about the most by sharing delicious meals. 

There are so many scrumptious recipes that are simple to make that you will never be at a loss for food ideas for your picnic. A potluck picnic, in which each attendee is responsible for bringing a dish, is an excellent way to save money if you plan to invite a large number of people to your home. Nothing beats gathering your loved ones on a blanket around a pool and wishing each other a happy new year as you ring in the new year together. 

5. A holiday light display celebration 

If you choose one of the many exciting pool party themes, your party can only take place in the morning or afternoon. Even if you’re not a morning person, you can throw a beautiful holiday party by the pool. Given that most people have never experienced an evening pool party, your pool party will undoubtedly be an event that they will remember. 

Heating and lighting are two of the most important aspects to consider when planning a nighttime pool party. Maintaining a heated and well-lit swimming pool will ensure the comfort and well-being of all of your guests throughout the celebration. 

Using a variety of colored holiday lights to decorate your yard will result in the most eye-catching display possible. When it comes to taking in breathtaking views, nothing beats the comfort of a pool float. You can listen to traditional holiday music all night long if you install speakers both outside and underwater. 

6. A Water Wonderland Party 

A water wonderland is a summery spin on the winter wonderland theme, similar to an all-white party. You can use many of the same decorations as you would for a white-only party, but make sure to include some bright splashes of color as well. 

Do you want to take some hilarious photos at the party that will make your friends from colder states green with envy? If this is the case, you could give your guests a selection of winter accessories, such as scarves and gloves, and ask them to wear them over their swimwear. Don’t rule out serving frozen hot chocolate or other inventive twists on traditional Christmas treats. 

7. A Christmas Eve Party in Las Vegas 

A Christmas in Las Vegas theme is the most trendy option for a holiday pool party, so consider it if you want to give your guests a memorable event. You only need to set up several tables with poker and other exciting games to ensure that everyone has a good time. Guests who want to unwind can relax on the chic pool floats provided and help themselves from a bar stocked with cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. 

8. A party that includes nonstop viewing of holiday movies 

A holiday movie marathon is an excellent idea for one of the most unique pool party themes. Just as you had to wait until it was dark outside for the holiday lights celebration, everyone will have to wait until it is dark outside to watch the movies from the pool. You can watch movies on a large outdoor television or buy a projector that will turn your entire wall into a giant screen so you can watch movies outside. 

Because the theme is so unique, everyone who is invited will be excited to attend your event. A movie marathon party isn’t complete unless there’s an abundance of popcorn, cookies, and hot chocolate. 

These Pool Party Ideas Are Sure to Be a Hit With Everyone

Your vacation get-together will be a smashing success regardless of which of these pool party theme ideas you choose. It is critical to have a sophisticated and inviting outdoor environment to capitalize on the fact that your pool will be the focal point of the festivities. Sahara Construction & Custom Pools will gladly assist you with any project, whether you want to build a new pool or make improvements to an existing one. Please contact us as soon as possible to schedule your complimentary consultation.