Getting a Foot in the Door in Cameroon’s Gambling Industry

Let’s get right to business and discuss the casino industry in Cameroon, which has its own set of tax rules

As a result of the numerous requests from readers, we decided to write something about gambling and games of chance in Cameroon. Even if gambling is not one of my top priorities in life, business is business. However, because we are in the business of making money and doing so within the confines of the law, we are forced to do what is required of us, which is to deliver accurate information to the general public.

If you are reading this, please keep the following in mind: We do not offer tax, legal, or financial advice, nor do we offer advice on the correct interpretation of gambling regulations. If you are reading this, please keep in mind that we do not offer advice on how to properly interpret gambling regulations. We are here to provide you with information that may be helpful in the development of the ideas that you have for your company. When it comes to gaming operations, it is your responsibility to seek out your own independent legal or business advice.

In recent years, there has been a rise in the number of people placing bets on sports online, which has been one factor that has contributed to the proliferation of online gambling sites across the country. The laws of the country permit gambling and games of chance to be played, even though there are relatively few regulations in place to govern the practice. Because of this, gambling websites have been able to set up shop in total comfort and defiance of any laws that might apply to them.

Cameroon does not have any laws or regulations that support or restrict any form of gambling that can be done over the internet. Gambling that takes place in person, as opposed to being conducted online, is regulated by the government and necessitates the use of a license to conduct business. Legislation has been enacted to regulate the activities that are carried out by these people. Despite this, the government is making significant efforts to implement restrictions on the industry.

Cameroon has 18 licensed gambling operators, the majority of which are centered in the cities of Douala and Yaounde, as indicated by data provided by the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Decentralization in 2015. There are 7 casinos, 4 gaming machine halls, and 7 lottery and betting shops in your neighborhood if the information that is currently available is accurate.

A license that allows the holder to run a gambling business in Cameroon

The betting and gambling sector in Cameroon

On the 18th of July, 2019 Decree No. 2019/2300/PM explains the procedures that must be followed to operate a corporation that deals in games of chance in Cameroon. It specifies the standards, rules, regulations, and procedures that must be followed to get a gaming license and a concession agreement.

To manage a gambling activity in Cameroon, such as a casino, betting operation, or lottery, you must have your company registered. As a result, we will begin by learning the essentials of incorporating a company in Cameroon and obtaining a business license there.

Entertainment, including games of chance, is taxed by state and municipal governments in the same way that any other form of company is. The tax must be paid by natural persons as well as corporate entities that operate a gambling business in Cameroon, regardless of whether the gambling business is the primary or secondary operation. It can be played for monetary or non-monetary prizes, or it can simply be done for entertainment.

The casinos in Cameroon are subject to several special tax restrictions

The efforts of Cameroon’s tax office have resulted in the creation of a one-of-a-kind tax system that applies to those who own casinos in the country. According to the provisions, the following are taken into account when calculating the earnings from the games:

  • “Counterpart games” refers to the difference between the original bets placed and the sums that were collected at the end of the game. This difference can be positive or negative.
  • Games played in nightclubs in which the entire pot is up for grabs
  • The total gross revenues from the games and any other miscellaneous incomes that are consistent with the accounting records of each game type make up the tax base for casino activities in Cameroon.

This base is used to calculate the amount of tax that must be paid. Keep in mind that the operator is required to keep accounting records for each different kind of game. This is an extremely important point to keep in mind. The rule itself provides definitions of the terms that are being used.

The concession agreement for gaming establishments, including betting and lottery operations

To take part in gaming activities in Cameroon, you are required to carry out the following steps first:

  • Having reached the minimum age required for full maturity and never having been arrested for or convicted of a crime involving threats of violence or acts of violence, the person is considered fully mature.
  • Uphold an extremely high moral standard.

Cameroon’s varied forms of gambling are governed by three distinct sets of laws, which are as follows:

  • Agreement on concessions
  • Requesting an Authorization Proclamation and Agreement in Public Bets, casinos, and lotteries are all subject to the regime of the concession agreement, which is signed by the Minister in charge of games of chance and the promoter after the Games Regulation Agency certifies them.
  • This regime governs the making of a request for an authorization proclamation and agreement in public. The framework of the concession agreement applies to every one of these varieties of gambling. The term of the concession agreement is ten years, but there is the possibility that it could be extended for another ten years if certain conditions are met.

It is essential to keep in mind that the terms and conditions that must be met to obtain a concession agreement are the same as those that must be met to renew it. On the other hand, you run the risk of not being granted a renewal if you do not satisfy any of the requirements.