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The return to player percentage (RTP) of a casino game is one of the most crucial pieces of information that experienced slot players look for when researching a game. The Return to Player value provides players with an approximation of the amount of money they might anticipate losing when participating in a given activity (i.e. gambling).

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No issue. Imagine the RTP as a kind of ‘inverted’ version of the house edge. Let’s use everyone’s favorite video slot machine, Starburst, as an illustration. The return to player rate (RTP) for Starburst, according to NetEnt, is 96.1%. If we continue to use the same comparison from before, this indicates that the “house edge” would be 3.9 percent. It is possible to deduce from this that gamblers will receive a return of 96.1 percent of the money they wager.

It should be noted that this does not imply that a player is guaranteed to earn £96.10 for every £100 that they gamble on the Starburst slot machine. This is where the word “theoretically” comes into play in the sentence. If there was such absolute assurance, then there wouldn’t be much of a need to gamble, would there?

The RTP Is Determined Over a Longer Period of Time Rather Than for Each Individual Wager

The RTP is determined over a longer period of time rather than for each individual wager. Therefore, a player may leave the table with an £80 victory on a £10 wager, or they could leave with no money in their bankroll at all. The RNG system used in slot games ensures that every spin is absolutely unpredictable; yet, the Return to Player value provides players with useful information.

What Exactly Are High RTP Slots, Though?

If you ask different people, you’ll get different answers because that’s the kind of stuff that’s kind of arbitrary. We believe the information that follows to be correct.

  • A return on investment (RTI) of 98 percent or higher is considered to be high.
  • A return on investment (RTP) is considered to be in the middle of the range or average if it falls somewhere between 95% and 97%.
  • RTP readings that are lower than 94.99 percent are regarded as being low.

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The Slot Machines with the Highest Return to Player in the United States

Even if RTP is not the only component that contributes to the quality of a slot machine, it is still one of the most important considerations for the vast majority of players when choosing games. It is difficult to find a gambler of any style or inclination who does not want to increase their chances of achieving a win as much as possible. This is the obvious explanation why this is the case. In point of fact, in this day and age, slot lovers have an abundance of options available to them in terms of themes, reel mechanics, and additional features; consequently, there is no reason why they shouldn’t try to make the most of their spinning time.

Although the number of software providers that are available to US players is somewhat restricted, this does not mean that they do not have access to online slots that have the greatest RTP in the industry as a whole. The following is a list of titles that represent actual “generosity” on a national and even international scale.

The Formula for Calculating RTP

Before you can really grasp how RTP is determined, you need to have an understanding of how the greatest RTP slots in the US actually operate.

Even though it could give the impression that it does, the so-called “random element” of a game does not actually take place on your laptop when you are playing a slot machine, for example, even though it might appear like it does. EVERY every spin on a slot machine is managed by a server located at the software provider’s website. As an illustration, the server that NetEnt uses to control ALL of the spins on Starburst (s).

Let’s say there are 50 symbols on each reel of the online slot game that you are playing. Each time you click the “spin” button, the slot machine will send a request to the corresponding server. A random sequence will be generated by the random number generator that is hosted on the server. For example, reel 1 will land in position 24, reel 2 will land in position 17, and so on. The server will communicate this information back to the program running on your laptop, and the positions of the reels will be determined based on the data that was provided by the server.

When a slot is being developed, the developer will run millions of spins (simply from the server; there is no requirement to present the results in a graphical manner). These spins will include the effects of any additional games, wilds, scatters, and so on. This will calculate the RTP based on these millions of spins, allowing the developer to alter the RTP if they believe it is too low or too high depending on how they feel about it.

There is one additional stage that must be completed before a slot can be made available, and that is for the software developer to submit their work to an independent ratification organization such as eCOGRA. This regulatory body will conduct its own tests to ensure that the RTP of the slot machine is comparable to the claims made by the developer. This stops a developer from falsely claiming that a slot machine’s RTP is 98 percent when, in reality, it is probably closer to 94 percent. The return to player rate of the very finest slot machines is a minimum of 96 percent.

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Return to Player Ratio of Progressive Jackpot Slots

Slots that provide progressive jackpots are not considered to be among the games with the highest return to player rates and you will be aware of this fact if you have been a resident of slotland for an extended period of time. These are the slot machines in which a minute portion of each wager that is placed on the slot (at any online casino that provides the slot) is saved and added together to form a jackpot payout. This jackpot continues to get larger and larger over the course of time, eventually reaching a point where it can significantly alter one’s life. No matter which online casino they are playing the slot at, ALL of the players who are contributing to the jackpot are those who are playing the machine.

In most cases, the jackpot is won by hitting an extremely unusual combination of symbols or achieving victory in a side game that is notoriously challenging. Either way, the winner is sure to be overjoyed. There are some jackpots that are won once every few months or so at most.

When it comes to calculating and divulging the specifics of their slot machines that have a progressive jackpot, slot machine producers are required to take into account the jackpot. As a direct consequence of this, the RTP is significantly reduced. Playing slot machines with progressive jackpots is the best way to increase your chances of coming away with a life-changing financial windfall. On the other hand, if you want to play slots in which you have a good chance of winning a small amount but more frequently, then you should not play progressive jackpot slots. This is simply not going to happen. The return to player percentage of progressive jackpot slots will never be the highest of any slot game.

There are now several online casinos that will print the complete list of their available slots along with the RTP for each individual game. This is going to be quite helpful. If you want our advice, head down to the bottom of any site’s casino page and see what’s hiding down there. In most cases, the list is not simple to spot, but if you want it, head down there anyhow. There’s a chance you’ll find a link to the full slots and RTPs list in that section. In that case, consult the site’s help files or get in touch with customer care. Don’t lose sight of the fact that in order to comply with local laws, the RTP of a slot machine has to be made public.

You might also search on the internet, but there is one important thing to keep in mind before doing so. Many online slots review sites and bonus-linking sites would report fabricated RTP figures for a slot machine in an effort to persuade users to play that particular game. In the event that you do locate such information, there is a good possibility that it is accurate; however, it is always a good idea to acquire a second opinion on anything important.

When it comes to casino bonuses, there is one thing that you really do need to be aware of. Frequently, slots with high RTPs do not contribute towards your wagering requirements in their entirety. This is done to prevent you from meeting the wagering requirements by repeatedly playing a slot machine that has a high return to player percentage (RTP). Slots contribute one hundred percent toward meeting the wagering requirements for bonuses. However, the percentage contributed by some online slots can be lowered, sometimes going as low as zero percent.

We mean that the portion of your investment that counts toward wagering will be reduced when we state that it has been reduced. Let’s say you have a wagering expectation of $500 and you put one dollar into a slot machine. When the wheel stops turning, you will have $499 left in your balance. If, on the other hand, the slot machine contributes only 90 percent of the whole wager, then only 90 percent of your bet will be removed; hence, in this scenario, you will still need to contribute an additional $499.10; only 90 percent of your initial bet was used.

Even though you should only ever play online slots for the purpose of amusement, there is always the possibility that lady luck will shine upon you and you will wind up winning a large sum of money. Stick to slot machines that have a high return to player percentage if you want to increase your odds of that happening as much as possible.

We hope that you are now completely informed on everything pertaining to RTP, and we wish you the best of luck with all of your efforts to play online slot machines. Always keep in mind that you may maximize your earnings by playing the finest RTP online slots.

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